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Technical requirements

Video advertising is one of the most effective advertising media. Thanks to the video, action, text, sound, music, movement, colour, 2D and 3D animation and special effects, operating together, it is informative, vivid and compelling.

Video advertising is visual information that is provided to the user with sound. The user not only sees but also hears – so he is able to receive twice as much information; this means that the advertising effect is twice as powerful.

Video advertising rotates on the TV screen more than one day. People hear about you every day, so little by little you become more visible. The visibility today is often identified with reliability.

Video advertising is a great opportunity to introduce you to the world. With effort, by realizing new ideas you will certainly be satisfied with the results.

Requirements for video clips

Requirements for promotional video clips are the same as those for TV clips, i. e.:

  • Resolution of 1280×720 (format 16:9);
  • File *.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg ar *.mov * uncompressed or compressed by a popular widely available encoding;
  • The sound level in the video must be -1 dB from the maximum audio amplitude level.tech_reikalavimai


Here is some advice for the advertising video clips developers:

  • People are likely to forget the name of a company or brand; so it is worth repeating it as often as possible (in the same video clip);
  • It‘s effective to display the package itself;
  • If foodstuffs are advertised, it is worth demonstrating how they are made;
  • A close-up image always justifies when the item is the hero of the clip;
  • The start of advertising should be intriguing;
  • Sound effects are necessary (music, voice);
  • It is essential to avoid banality. Demonstrate something that no one has ever seen;
  • The recommended duration of a clip is 10-20 seconds.

Please contact us and we will create a video clip for you or consult on what do in order to make the existing video noticed by more shoppers and visitors of shopping centres. The examples of our created videos you can find in the “Gallery”.